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Maine Internet Marketing Consultants from Maine Net Services

Roland Girouard, COO,   Roland has experience in a wide variety of sales and marketing positions including Time Magazine & in Portland, Maine.  Awards & accomplishments  include both the Navy & Army Achievement Medals.

David Strome, CTO,   Dave’s background includes a key role in the building of’s infrastructure.  His role encompasses developing our network infrastructure, eCommerce web site development, security, & internet connectivity. He also serves in a consulting role with our clients in these areas.   In 2003, Dave was nominated by MESDA as 1 of 4 Network Specialists.

Ryan Masters, Director of Software Development based in Portland, Maine – Ryan has a strong background in information technology & Internet security. He holds a BS degree & is a frequent avid open source developer with skills in many programming languages including PHP, Perl, Coldf MESDA usion.

Derek Laborie, Director of Sales,  Derek is a long time salesman with experience in the electronics industry. His BS degree is from the University of Vermont

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