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Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing Services

Search engine marketing NEEDS to be an important part of your Internet marketing efforts… It is NOT just getting top results in the search engines; that is simply step 1. For instance, let’s assume your website has visibility for a wide variety of terms directly related to your business (500-10000). Is your listing in the search engines one that will entice a user to click on your listing rather then the other 9? Google, Yahoo & MSN current default is 10 listings on the 1st page…

Ok, so let’s assume the ‘search engine marketing’ goal has been reached which encompasses: a. wide visibility for keyword phrases and b. listings that entice users to visit your website.

Next, your website becomes the important factor. Does your site load fast? Does your website appear correctly in all the major browsers? At every reasonable resolution? How about on a PDA or wireless device? Is your website supposed to comply with some industry standard? Is it easy to contact you in a variety of different methods? Do you have methods for user to get more information, now? Do you have a long term plan to market to website visitors such as a monthly e-newsletter?

Last, while writing for the web and high ranking in search engines, be sure to incorporate basic Internet marketing tactics… For instance, in the USA we read left to right so the eyeballs end up on the right side of the page – therefore this becomes a most valuable spot on a page to attract users³ attention. Content is and always will be king, do you have enough of a presence on the web? Users want information and, generally, they want information now; that is why they used a search engine in the first place… Moral of the story…
search engine marketing works to ensure you get visibility and results.